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My mantra? Look through the camera and capture what you see, the way you see and experience it to fulfill your vision. My passion for photography began in high school and has never stopped growing for over thirty years. I completed BFA degrees in both photography and sculpture at the University of Wisconsin. I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. My background in sculpture influences and informs my photography.

The majority of my work is fine art photography that I exhibit, publish, and sell. In my commercial work, I specialize in fashion runway, competition, editorial, and advertising photography in both studio and location. I bring my fine art aesthetic and experiences to my commercial work with the same passion and energy that I do to my personal work.

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Printmaking has been a passion for me ever since I saw my first image appear in the developer tray in the darkroom. I quickly became obsessed with developing my skills to master photographic printing in both black and white and color in the traditional darkroom. Over the past decade, the technology evolved to the point I was able to surpass the quality, consistency, and longevity of conventional prints by utilizing pigment-based inks and archival stocks. The darkroom has not gone away; it is alive and well in the digital domain. Today’s images need every bit as much care and attention as they would have in the traditional darkroom.  Learning to craft the print is truly an art that I have been working on perfecting for over thirty years. Working with other photographers and artists to help them realize their vision has become an enriching and fulfilling experience for me, and one, I hope to share with you. I genuinely love what I do!


Several years ago, I also became a professor, teaching both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Teaching has become one of my passions. I enjoy collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and wisdom, and passing on experiences.  I bring over twenty years of teaching experience from undergraduate, graduate on-site and online instruction from credentialed institutions to those I have the opportunity to teach and inspire. 

Traeton Garl Photography

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